The MS 462 C-M STIHL Chainsaw is the latest model in our range. Lightweight and extremely manoeuvrable, the MS 462 C-M makes no compromises when it comes to performance. Even from a cold start, it has extremely fast acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.3 seconds. The M-Tronic system determines the ignition timing and the required quantity of fuel based on external conditions, such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality. This saw has been optimised down to the smallest detail.

We asked award winning Chainsaw Sculptor Rob Bast from the Yarra Valley in Victoria to trial and review the new MS 462 Chainsaw. Being a full time Sculptor, we knew Rob would put our new model to the ultimate test.

Here’s what he thought…

“The first thing I noticed was the weight, or should I say the lack there of. The MS 462 C-M only weighs 6kg, which is very noticeable by the end of the day! The lightweight saw also aids in better control and more precise cuts which is very important in my line of work.

The next thing I noticed was the balance of the saw. It’s fitted with the 50cm STIHL Rollomatic ES Light Bar, so all the weight sits comfortably between my hands and not out near the nose of the bar. This results is less fatigue and much better saw control.

Running the MS 462 C-M for the first time, I was really impressed with the power that the saw produced. At just over 72cc, it is 6hp/4.4kw it packs an almighty punch!

The first cuts were through 700mm diameter seasoned cypress running 3/8 pitch full chisel chain and the saw ate through it like a beast! After a few days of blocking and roughing out my current commission, I certainly noticed how much more productive I had been, It was just so fast and comfortable to use.

Even though I was already of the opinion that the new saw was pretty awesome by this point, I still wanted to run it through some hardwood. So I went to see my mate who runs a firewood business. After cutting round, after round of hardwood, it just kept powering through the logs at full bar length and more!

There are features on this saw that just make it a pleasure to use. I’ve already mentioned its power, weight and balance, but there are a few more that are definitely worth pointing out.

The Anti-Vibration set up is fantastic; it makes the saw more stable to hold and reduces the energy I have to put in.

The M-Tronic System ensures easy starting with only one cold start position coupled with a decompression button, and with the ElastoStart hand grip, starting is easier again. When you do stop the saw, the control lever goes back to the run position so it can be started again straight away.

Captive nuts on the sprocket cover are a good feature also, as are the tool free tank caps for the fuel and bar oil. The compensator in the carburettor adjusts the fuel/air mix as the air filter gets blocked to keep it at the correct ratio, and the HD2 air filter is easier to clean with a better seal to keep out any fine particles.

All these new features add up to a fair bit of saved time in my line of work.

The MS 462 C-M has replaced my MS 441 as it is lighter and more powerful. It also does a lot of the work that I would have usually used my MS 661 C-M for.

In my opinion, the MS 462 C-M will be popular with chainsaw users right across the board;

Foresters, Arborists, Emergency Services, Farmers, Firewood cutters, and of course Chainsaw Carvers will all appreciate what this saw has to offer. I would highly recommend it to any Chainsaw operator.

The MS 462 just has so much going for it. I think it’s going to be a new favourite for a lot of people, it’s certainly my new favourite saw.”