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I like to do my edges first as the mower will pick up any of the debris left behind and will give you a more professional finish at the end. When tackling edges, my number one tip is to take it slow and don’t rush until you are confident to pick up speed – it’s easy to slip and scar your lawn and there is nothing worse than waiting for it to grow back in. Below are some more of my lawn edging tips.


Keep your trimmer line in trim

  • Avoid frustrating interruptions to your edging with these simple ways to keep your trimming all systems go!
  • Soak your trimmer line in water for a day or more before you start trimming with it. Soaking makes the line flexible and less brittle, so it lasts longer and performs better.
  • Only store enough line for one season.
  • Store your line in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place.
  • Only buy good quality line – it will last longer in use and is more resistant to perishing once stored.
  • If your line is continually breaking, it’s usually due to the line being old. A tell-tale sign of the line being too old, is that it gets a chalky feel. It can also show a white residue.

‘How to stop trimmer line from breaking’

With the high-performance STIHL FSA 57 Battery Grass Trimmer firmly in hand, Charlie not only shares his handy tips on how to minimise trimmer-line downtime and maximise edging time – he also demonstrates some pretty tidy trimming technique too!

Charlie’s grass trimming tips

  1. Adjust the grass trimmer to the right height for your body. Make sure you can hold it steady comfortably.
  2. When trimming at the edge of the lawn, hold the grass trimmer at the right height over the ground and make smooth, sweeping motions.
  3. Don’t let the mowing head touch the ground, as this will cause it to wear very quickly.
  4. Avoid contact with hard surfaces such as walls and paths to preserve your trimmer line and avoid damage.
  5. If your grass trimmer has a trimmer guard, flick it down to ensure the line doesn’t make accidental contact.
  6. If you have a grass trimmer with a STIHL AutoCut mowing head, it’s easy to extend the mowing line in an instant. Simply tap the mowing head on the ground to release the line-holding mechanism, and it will rotate to release more mowing line. The length will then readjust automatically.
  7. Keep the family and pets safe; maintain a safety distance of 15m at all times.


Charlie’s top picks for battery grass trimmers

  • For small gardens and courtyards, the FSA 45 Battery Grass Trimmer can handle up to 250m of lawn edges on a single charge.
  • If you’ve got some bigger grass areas that need mowing then go for the FSA 57 Battery Grass Trimmer. On a single charge, it will easily allow you to complete over 600m of edges.
  • And if you’re after real petrol-like performance, then the new FSA 60 R Battery Grass Trimmer (with huge 350mm cutting diameter) will be sure to impress.

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