Gardening Tips with Charlie Albone


Winter provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back and appreciate your garden. The chaos and frenzy that comes with the warmer weather and abundance of growth has settled, and everything feels that little more peaceful. With that said, even though it feels as though nothing is growing, there is still plenty to be done – despite the gloomy skies!

First things first, if you rely on a roaring fireplace to keep your home warm during Winter, making sure your wood is stored properly is key. Firewood can take anywhere from six months to two years to be ready for burning, however smart storage can potentially reduce that time and will ensure your logs are in the best condition possible when you’re ready to use them.

Another area of your garden that must be well cared for during Winter is your lawn, especially if you’re wanting it to shine come Spring! While there’s less trimming and mowing to do, there are plenty of other ways you can help it along during the cooler months.

Pruning should also be during Autumn and Winter while your trees are bare and you can see exactly what you’re cutting. Use this time to identify any potential hazards around your home and over paths. You will reap the benefits of this in Spring as your trees will look nice and shaped once the foliage starts to grow back.

And last, but absolutely not the least, Winter affords us the time to give our tools a little TLC which is especially important if they have been kept busy during Spring and Summer. While I always recommend getting your tools serviced regularly by your local STIHL Dealer, there are some simple steps you can take at home to keep them maintained between visits.

Here are my top tips to make the most of Winter in your garden.

About Charlie

STIHL is excited to welcome award-winning gardener and television personality Charlie Albone to our growing roster of gardening experts.

After thirteen years working on Foxtel’s most successful and longest running production “Selling Houses Australia”, Charlie joined the Seven Network’s high-rating flagship program “Better Homes and Gardens” working alongside Johanna Griggs and Dr Harry Cooper.

For the last twenty years, Charlie has worked both in Australia and abroad winning two Silver Gilt medals for his designs at the world’s most prestigious flower show (and favourite of the British royal family) the Chelsea Flower Show in the United Kingdom.

Charlie is passionate about creating stunning gardens that inspire joy and encouraging Australian families to spend time together outdoors. He has a keen interest in using sustainable materials where possible and encouraging “homegrown” subsistence living.

Charlie loves helping Australian families to grow plants and flowers as well as their own fruit and vegetables, whether in a small apartment or a sprawling country backyard.

Charlie is an active member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM) and an Ambassador for The Landscape Association (TLA). He is married to interior designer Juliet Love and they share two boys, Leo and Hartford.