As Australian gardeners know only too well, taking care of the lawn is a key priority throughout the Summer season.

Intense sunlight and hot, dry winds cause great damage to lawns, with burnt areas a daily occurrence. However, with the right care, it is possible to safeguard your lawn against such extensive sun exposure.


Summer’s harsh conditions mean that our lawns often require additional refreshment. Before watering however, we need to be aware of the approach that is most helpful.

“Many garden owners water too often and at the same time too superficially,” emphasises STIHL lawn expert Jens Gärtner. “Even with a persistent lack of rainfall, it is often sufficient to water the lawn once a week. When we water however, it should be at a rate of around 20 litres per square metre. This way, the moisture can reach the roots and keep the lawn healthy.”

This amount of water is easily checked. Simply place some empty jars on the lawn area before you commence sprinkling. Once the jars are filled with water to about 2 centimetres in depth, your lawn has received sufficient water to keep it healthy.

Frequent and superficial watering can cause the roots to retract to just below the surface of the soil, making them all the more heat-sensitive. It’s also important to avoid the sun-intensive hours when watering, and to set sprinklers for use in the cooler evenings when the water drops on the stalks do not act like a burning glass.


Garden owners should also switch to summer mode when mowing, Gärtner continues: “This means not shortening the lawn too much. On the contrary, the cutting height on your mower should be raised by one or two centimetres. This way the grass stalks shade the ground better, less water evaporates, and the stalks retain their strength.”

Across the STIHL Battery Lawn Mower range, the cutting height is easily adjusted by one hand with a conveniently accessible lever.

“Care should also be taken with lawns that were newly sown in Spring. New lawns should be let to first sprout to a height of eight to ten centimetres before mowing.

“If the lawn has also been left to grow longer for a period, it should be pruned back in several stages and not all at once. This enables the lawn to remain lush, healthy and green.”

In addition to regular watering, keeping your lawn edges trimmed with precison tools such as the STIHL FSA 45 Battery Grass Trimmer and FSA 57 Battery Grass Trimmer not only keep your lawn looking sharp, they help maintain valuable lawn moisture.

For a range of inspired, high-performance battery lawnmowers and grass trimmers engineered to assist you maintain lawn perfection throughout Summer, visit your local STIHL dealer. Find your nearest STIHL dealer here.