STIHL are excited to announce that CHOICE magazine has judged the ingenious RMI 632 P iMOW® robotic mower their ‘Best Robot Mower’.

Established more than 60 years ago, CHOICE is Australia’s trusted consumer advocacy group, dedicated to providing unbiased advice on a range of products – including outdoor power tools.

The RMI 632 P iMOW® has been ranked #1 by CHOICE experts against other leading robotic mower models. Strict criteria included testing of the robotic mowers across a range of typical grass and lawn terrains, as well as assessments around convenience, noise, safety and battery efficiency. Find more information on the CHOICE testing procedure here.

Achieving impressive results across all categories to clearly stand apart as the overall top performer, read on to learn why the RMI 632 P iMOW® is your perfect gardening partner.


Dominating the performance section of the CHOICE assessment, the RMI 632 P iMOW® excelled in all terrain test conditions. From standard lawn to damp grass, long grass to uneven lawn and sloping lawn, the RMI 632 P iMOW® emerged as #1 across the board.

Judges particularly noted the mower’s excellent performance in long grass where it out-ranked its nearest competitor by a whopping 15%, and were again impressed by its ability on an uneven lawn.

Delivering lawn-care excellence with a cutting width of 28cm, the RMI 632 P iMOW® can handle large lawn areas of up to 4,000m2 with ease and keep steeper terrain of up to 24° perfectly maintained.


Contributing to its selection as the overall ‘Best Robot Mower’, the RMI 632 P iMOW® also delivered outstanding results across all noise categories tested. A clear winner in the ‘Operating Noise Measured’ category, the RMI 632 P iMOW® demonstrated how, thanks to its low noise, it can even be programmed to mow at night without disturbing you or your neighbours.


Ranking highly for ‘Instruction’ in the CHOICE test, the RMI 632 P iMOW® is very easy to use once installed. The intuitive user interface makes programming easy and the remote control is removable from the actual mower, making it convenient to amend instructions with no awkward bending or fussing around the actual machine required – a user-friendly feature that ranked highly with the CHOICE testing team.

Other intelligent features include an automatic, adjustable rain sensor and a simple cutting height adjuster. The RMI 632 P iMOW® even monitors its power level during use, recharging as it mows to make sure the job gets done.

To learn more about the RMI 632 P iMOW®, visit your local STIHL dealer. Find your local dealer here.