We have teamed up with Horticulturist Darren Kerr to bring you some quick and easy tips when it comes to revamping your front garden and increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Whether it be because you are selling, or just because you’re looking to tidy up, the front façade of your home, including your garden is the first thing people see when visiting and it leaves an impression.

When developing these tips and tricks, Darren wanted to ensure that all Australians would be able to apply them to their homes and really give their curb a facelift. We also wanted readers to be able to pick up the right STIHL tool from their local dealer and empower them to revamp their front gardens with the kind of power equipment that will make the task quicker and easier.

STIHL tools are renowned for their quality and top of the line German engineering, enabling you to transform your home’s curb-side into a lush and welcoming space but also have fun doing it with the right tools.

STIHL Battery mower

Tip 1: Lawn Rejuvenation and Maintenance

To impress guests and make the neighbours envious of your front yard, the first step is to rejuvenate the lawn.

An important process in the rejuvenation of your grass is the dethatching. The ‘thatch’ of your lawn is a layer of organic matter made up of lawn clippings, plant matter and roots that accumulates just on top of the root system. If this builds up too much and becomes thick, it will remain wet and be detrimental to the health of your lawn. Every 4 months or so, use the STIHL MultiSystem with the Dethatcher Attachment to remove the thatch. Tip: Run your lawn mower over the grass afterwards to collect it up.

Once you’ve removed the thatch, use the STIHL MultiSystem with Aerator Attachment to aerate the soil. Then use your choice of lawn fertiliser and distribute evenly across the front lawn. Regularly water the lawn so that the nutrients reach the roots of the grass to help promote new growth.

Use the STIHL Battery Lawn Mower to cut your lawn to a consistent height. To create an even looking front lawn and to encourage new growth, mowing should be done on a weekly basis throughout the warmer months.


STIHL Grass Trimmer

Tip 2: Create Edge Envy 

If you have garden beds, use a STIHL Grass Trimmer to create a sharp and defined lawn edge by completely clearing the grass from the brick or stone borders.

Weekly edging is also advised in order to keep the grass maintained and ensures that the front lawn has sharp lines around the boundaries. Sharp, clean lines in the garden are particularly pleasing to the eye and instantly give out an attractive, well-maintained impression. To create a sharp edge around the front lawn, stone and pathways, vertically cut clean lines around the perimeter of the lawn using the STIHL Grass Trimmer.


STIHL Pressure Washer

Tip 3: Get it Gleaming with Pressure Cleaning 

Now that the front lawn and garden beds have been tidied up, it’s time to give the driveway a spruce up. Firstly, remove any of the loose debris such a leaves from the driveway using the STIHL Blower. Ensure that you blow the debris onto the lawn so they’re picked up when mowing and added to the compost. Any larger debris can be put through your STIHL Shredder.

To remove any traffic marks and stains from the concrete or pavers, use the STIHL Pressure Cleaner. Put on some gumboots and STIHL Safety Glasses before connecting to a hose and power source. Move the wand over the hard surfaces to scrub off any marks and then lightly hose down the area to remove dirt on walls, surfaces and pots.

A STIHL Pressure Cleaner can also be used on front verandas, paths and planter boxes to instantly given them a good clean, removing dirt, mould, debris and stains. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.