Blowers are perfect for general tidying year-round, and some are even capable of gutter cleaning. There are plenty of options to choose from in the STIHL range, so we’ve broken down the different types to help you select best petrol or battery leaf blower for you.


For the occasional gardener, right through to the professional or regular user, STIHL’s battery range is ever-growing and offers many options when it comes to blowers.

The entry-level BGA 45 delivers the power you need at an incredible price. From just $199, you can clear up to a tennis court of leaves on a single charge, making this tool ideal when caring for small to medium sized gardens (or a courtyard). It also comes with a charger and integrated battery, which clips into several other tools in the AI Line, including a hedge trimmer and grass trimmer.

If you’re after something a little more robust to cover a larger area, the BGA 56 is one of the most popular tools in our battery range. The most attractive feature about this blower is that it’s part of the AK battery system, this battery is compatible with eleven other tools including a handheld hedge trimmer, long reach hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, two chainsaws, and three mowers. Another great feature this blower and the AK System has is that there are three AK battery options, so the capability of the tool can be adjusted to suit the requirements of your garden.

Comfort is at the forefront with the BGA 56. This perfectly balanced blower features an adjustable tube for maximum blowing power close the ground making it incredibly easy to manoeuvre for users of all heights. The low gyroscopic forces make it effortless to handle, and the rubberised grip will allow you to move it with impressive ease. When it comes to runtime; the BGA 56 is more than capable of clearing up to 900m2 of leaves with the top battery – that’s up to three tennis courts.

For more power and more control, the BGA 85 or BGA 100 are both quiet, yet robust powerhouses, compatible with either a slot in battery or our backpack batteries which are recommended for professionals or users covering large areas or working over long periods. Both of these models feature variable speed control allowing you to quickly and continuously adjust the motor speed to regulate the airflow. Both models are more than capable of moving debris of all shapes and sizes.

For even more blowing power – up to 25% more than the BGA 100 – try the new BGA 200. Ideal for low noise areas, it’s so quiet you won’t even require ear protection. Like the BGA 85 and BGA 100, the tool features variable speed, including 3 power levels plus boost mode. It is also very flexible in the way it can be used; hand-held when in narrow areas or utilise the new comfort carrying system (not included) for larger areas. Great for easy one-handed operation when used with backpack batteries and dedicated hip pad (sold separately).

It also features cruise control and easy blower tube adjustment via a quick release clasp.

The BGA 200 is part of the AP System, a professional range of 30+ maximum power battery tools for professionals and commercial users who require the utmost in reliability, day after day.


The STIHL BG 56 is our best-selling petrol blower. With simple starting and a 2-MIX low emission engine, it packs quite the punch for an entry level tool. Like all in the petrol range, STIHL’s 2-MIX technology is the result of over 90 years of German engineering excellence. It’s developed to maximise the power output while reducing fuel consumption, making it extremely efficient. Also featuring an adjustable blower tube and HD2 air filter.

Also available for use with the BG 56 is a vacuum kit, giving you the option of collecting your leaves rather than blowing them into a single location which can be tricky if you’re dealing with a lot. And, if your home is a single storey, the BG 56 is also compatible with our gutter cleaning kit allowing you to safely blast debris from your gutters without the need and risk of using a ladder.

If vacuuming and mulching is something you’re going to be do The tool also features an adjustable blower tube, HD2 air more often than not, then the SH 56 C-E blower vacuum shredder is for you. While designed to collect and mulch thanks to the metal shredder blade, it also doubles as a handheld blower. This handy tool also features STIHL’s patented Easy2start technology, which makes it extremely easy to start.

For clearing larger areas and for working over more extended periods, a backpack blower is the way to go. From the BR 200, which is the lightweight backpack blower, right through to our most powerful backpack blower, the BR 800 C-E, all models in the STIHL range allow users to clear large areas and work for more extended periods thanks to their ergonomic design and powerful motors.

Featuring a multi-function control handle and electronic ignition, there are also many accessories available to complement these products, including flat and curved nozzles, a hip belt, a chest belt and a bike handle for easy manoeuvring.

To see the full range and find the best tool for you, visit your local STIHL Dealer.