When purchasing a new chainsaw, it’s vital to select one that’s not only right for the job at hand, but also suitable for other jobs moving forward.

With so many models to choose from, how do you find the right one for you?

Undertaking a little research, including a visit to your local STIHL dealership, is a great way to go.

Your local STIHL dealer will be only too glad to share their vast experience, knowledge and advice with you, while demonstrating the features of those chainsaws best suited to your particular needs.

Before heading out, here are some handy pointers to get things started.

Are you a homeowner? A landowner? A professional? Identifying your situation helps narrow the field quickly.

What type of tasks will you typically be using the chainsaw for? How often will those tasks need doing? These considerations provide invaluable insights into what chainsaw is right for you.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s important to choose a chainsaw within a size and weight range that’s comfortable – and safe – for you to handle. And it’s vital that the chainsaw you select is also suited to your experience level.

All three power source types excel in their own ways and are suited to different users and tasks. Once again, considering how, where and why you’ll be using your chainsaw will help to identify the most efficient, effective, and practical power type for you.


Power, size, weight, quietness and manoeuvrability all play a part when deciding which chainsaw is perfect for your home pruning, firewood and DIY project requirements.


This ideal entry level tool is lightweight at just 3.9kg and comes standard with genuine STIHL 3/8” PICCO MINI 61 PMM3 chain and a 14” guide bar. Paired with STIHL’s revolutionary MotoMix fuel technology, the MS 170 delivers unprecedented start ability, reliability and storability.


MSA 120 C-B
Powerful, lightweight and quiet, this is one of STIHL’s most popular homeowner chainsaws. Ergonomically designed for handler comfort, mobility and manoeuvrability. Runtime of up to 100 10x10cm logs on a single charge.

MSA 140 C-B
For those needing a little more grunt, this chainsaw delivers up to 25% more power than the MSA 120 C-B.

Both models are part of the AK battery system, which offers three different batteries all capable of powering 9 high quality, high performing STIHL tools for medium to larger sized gardens.


MSE 141 C 
STIHL’s homeowner electric chainsaw, the is great for cutting firewood around the home and pruning trees, weighing in at a very light 4.1kg.


Engineered to deliver optimum performance and efficiency, the following STIHL chainsaws have been designed for use across more heavy-duty tasks such as clearing storm damage or felling trees at home.


MS 231
2-MIX petrol chainsaw features an 18” guide bar, side-mounted chain tensioning for safe and easy adjusting, a long-life air filter system for long cleaning intervals, and tool-free fuel caps for easy refuelling.

MS 311
Delivering a little more power again, this high-performance, fuel-efficient chainsaw is particularly suited to felling and cutting dense wood types. A best-selling landowner chainsaw.


MS 231 C-BE
Features STIHL’s Easy2Start technology for effortless starting every time, along with tool-less chain tensioning.

MSA 220 C-B
The most powerful STIHL battery chainsaw to date, and the most powerful tool in the STIHL battery range, when paired with the AP 300 S battery this chainsaw delivers unrivalled cutting performance. Comes standard with the STIHL exclusive 3/8″ Picco Super 3 (PS3) full chisel saw chain with a guide bar length of 40cm/16″. The MSA 220 C-B is part of the AP battery system which offers multiple battery options to suit over 25 professional grade tools.


For day-to-day commercial use or if working for long periods of time, the enhanced chassis structure of the STIHL professional range delivers superior vibration control to lessen user fatigue, and more durable component features to lessen machine fatigue.


MS 462 C-M
Specially engineered for the professional user who desires more power with less weight and thus less user fatigue from their chainsaw in daily forestry work. At just 6kg, the MS 462 C-M is the lightest-ever STIHL chainsaw produced in its fuel-powered class. It features an excellent power-to-weight ratio for added manoeuvrability, as tested by professionals in the field.

The next generation STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management system electronically controls ignition timing and fuel metering, and the saw auto-adjusts for changes in its operating environment, such as changes in altitude and fuel quality, for optimal performance.

MS 500i
STIHL cemented their position as a technology leader with the highly anticipated launch of the world’s first electronic fuel injected chainsaw, the MS 500i in 2019.  With the best power to weight ratio in its class, STIHL injection technology not only provides unprecedented torque, but also ensures rapid acceleration of the saw chain from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.25 seconds.

MS 661 C-M 
This rugged all-rounder has been a favourite of professionals worldwide for years and is equipped with STIHL’s environmentally friendly 2-MIX engine technology for less fuel consumption, less emissions and outstanding cutting performance. In addition the MS 661 C-M, also fitted with STIHL M-Tronic™, features a heavy duty (HD2) air filter system with a radial seal which keeps out fine dust particles.

So that’s your prep work done! Now it’s time head out and view the full range of STIHL chainsaws and discuss the perfect model for you with a visit to your local STIHL Dealer.