Robotic mowers like the STIHL iMOW® RMI 442 P and RMI 632 P are changing the way we mow and care for our lawns. As well as freeing gardeners up for more creative garden tasks and projects, robotic mowers are proving to be more effective at maintaining a healthy lawn.

They don’t make noise, don’t require petrol or oil, and do away with the hassle of having to empty the catcher. Starting to sound good? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Here’s four more compelling reasons why an iMOW® might be the solution to the lawn perfection you seek.

1. Lawns are healthier with an iMOW®.

The more you cut your grass, the more it thrives. And iMOW® is programmed for consistent cutting.

It’s just one of the reasons why research is telling us that robotic mowers are actually better at maintaining healthier lawns than traditional mowers.

The other reason is the ingenious ‘nutrient-cycle’ that is created by the way the robotic mower works.

German-engineered to cut and care for your lawn at the same time, the iMOW® shreds the grass very finely as it mows, creating mulch – not clippings. This mulch then falls back onto your lawn acting as a natural nutrient-rich fertiliser, promoting the growth of thicker, greener and healthier grass over time.

2. iMOW® takes all the inconvenience out of mowing.

How’s this for convenience? When it comes to mow day, with an iMOW® you don’t need to lift a finger – or even be there!

Thanks to how quiet it is, your iMOW® can be programmed to mow at times that suit your needs, including times of day – or night – and days of week. This work schedule is flexible, and is easily adaptable to different weather conditions, including rain.

As part of the set-up, any obstacles such as garden furniture, statues, water features, pools, ponds, play equipment and the like can be input into the program enabling the iMOW® to navigate them neatly and effortlessly. Built-in sensors will safely react to moving and static objects, redirecting the iMOW® to cut in another direction on impact. And getting in under low hanging trees and close to garden beds is hassle free. Which means no annoying tufts of grass for the grass trimmer!

Powered by a quality lithium-ion battery, the iMOW® intelligently returns itself to its home dock for charging. So you can say farewell to those good times of measuring out your fuel mix, spilling it on yourself and inhaling nasty fumes and exhaust.

And, thanks to that innovative mulching feature mentioned earlier, you can also forever wave goodbye to emptying the grass catcher and disposing of grass clippings.

3. A STIHL expert sets up your iMOW® for you.

With all iMOW® robotic mowers installed by a professionally trained STIHL expert, setting up your iMOW® is easier than you ever imagined.

Your exciting and rewarding iMOW® journey begins with an initial discussion with your local STIHL dealer. A site inspection and evaluation is then undertaken, informing which iMOW® model is best suited to meet your garden requirements. Once your iMOW® is purchased, site mapping and planning are actioned to ensure that all is in readiness for installation.

Identifying the ideal dock site for your iMOW®, the STIHL expert connects it to your power source. Your iMOW® perimeter wire border area is then marked out. If required, your lawn area is mowed to establish an even, low finish for the iMOW®.

A perimeter cable is then installed around the garden, with or without the cable layer depending on your garden’s requirements. The wiring is then connected to the iMOW® dock.

Tailoring your iMOW® program to the specific needs of your garden, optimum mowing paths are identified to ensure your lawn is evenly and consistently cut all over.

Via the easily accessed and highly legible on-mower screen, your STIHL expert next programs your iMOW® for mowing at the times, and on the days, most suitable to you. And if it rains? No problem! Your iMOW® will remember how much lawn has already been cut, and how much is left, and reschedule its work for another day.

And just like that, your STIHL iMOW® is ready to take over your ongoing mowing responsibilities.

4. Two models means there’s an iMOW® just right for your garden.

Different gardens require different care. Which is why STIHL have created two iMOW® models.

The RMI 422 P is ideal for your average suburban block and is capable of caring for a lawn up to 1,500m2, handling slopes of up to a 40% gradient with no problem. The high capacity of its lithium-ion battery ensures a long operating time. The mulching mowing deck cuts lawns to the length defined using the multi-setting cutting height adjustment, with all settings easily and conveniently changed via the display panel.

Designed to provide continuous lawn care to larger domestic and commercial lawns of up to 4,000m2 in size, the RMI 632 P has been judged the ‘Best Robot Mower’ as recommended by CHOICE.

Awarded high marks for convenience, noise, safety and battery efficiency and most notably, its performance across a range of typical grass and lawn terrains, the innovative adaptive slope speed function enables the RMI 632 P to handle slopes of up to a 45% gradient with ease, while the extremely high capacity of the lithium-ion battery guarantees constant motor power.

Both models are also protected from theft through the use of a pin, ensuring that your iMOW® robotic mower will only be operable with the coding of your docking station.

So if you’re the kind of gardener who relishes the prospect of year round lawn perfection, make a date to visit your local STIHL iMOW® Dealer to view the amazing iMOW® in real life and access more friendly, expert information and advice relevant to your garden needs. It may literally change the way you mow forever!