If you’re a true blue Aussie and love keeping your lawn looking lush, neat and tidy, then you’re going to need to get your hands on one of these. The new RLA 240 battery scarifier gives users the option of either scraping the turf using the scarifying attachment for better aeration, or combing the dead grass and moss out of your lawn, also known as dethatching, using the aerator roller. Simply attach the tool you need in a few simple steps, adjust the working depth using the infinitely adjustable scale, and away you go.

It is recommended that you scarify whеn thе ѕоіl is moderately wet but with a touch-dry surface. If you’re ever unsure of what’s happening under your soil surface, simply take a small spade and make a divot in your lawn, lifting a small portion of dirt so you can assess the soil. Do this in a less visible, low traffic location.

Gardening great, Trevor Cochrane, recently road-tested the RLA 240 on The Garden Gurus. Watch to find out exactly how and when to renovate your lawn with the feature-packed, easy to use battery scarifier.

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