Gardens are by nature dirty, with soil, algae, moss and even mould eating away at most sealed aggregate and stone surfaces. And once it starts, it’s onto the walls, the windows, and even timber surfaces in your entertaining areas.

There are of course a few ways to treat these, including cleaning with harsh chemicals, bleaches and chlorine as a general standard treatment. But the truth is, this can be harsh on your body and even harsher on the environment. So how else can you turn green and grimy pathways to clean?

As seen in the latest season of ‘The Garden Gurus’ on the Nine Network, my moss, grime and algae covered pathways and steps got the clean they desperately needed when I applied a high-pressure cleaner to the task.

With the right high-pressure cleaner, the results can be amazing. And the STIHL RE 110 PLUS is definitely the right tool for the job.

Powerful and user-friendly, this high-pressure cleaner delivers a transformational clean to reveal and bring out the best in your entrance areas, ensuring they are guest ready for Spring and Summer entertaining.

It’s all about the details

Not all high-pressure cleaners are the same. Some, for instance, use metal components that corrode when regularly in contact with water, reducing the machines effective operation and life.
That’s where STIHL’s carefully considered design makes the world of difference. Features such as an aluminium pump head – a feature you don’t necessarily see – means the sprayer is less likely to rust or corrode with time.

This machine also features a brushless induction motor. More powerful and extremely reliable, it delivers the type of performance any power tool owner will happily swear by.

Finer details like a ‘park’ position for switching off the sprayer when taking breaks, and – most importantly – a seven-metre high-pressure hose which allows you to move freely away from the machine or a water source, make the world of difference, permitting gardeners to get around larger areas without having to stop and start.

Look for an aluminium telescopic handle too. This innovation allows better reach into corners or eaves if you’re cleaning walls, and without the need for ladders or scaffolds.

And one more feature that’s so important! A storage compartment on the side allows for integrated storage of the nozzles and the power cable. Ending unsightly – and unsafe – cables from laying on your shed or garage floor, it stores and protects easily misplaced parts such as the nozzles at the same time – something STIHL’s clever design ensured was considered straight away.

The final result

Well, I have to admit the RE 110 PLUS is mighty impressive. The paving and steps looked as good as the day I laid them, brand spanking new, and the result is so rewarding that it motivates you to keep going over any surface you can find.

There’s even a cleaning agent spray set which can be used through a special distribution bottle attachment. Ideal for cleaning windows and walls or eaves that have mould patches, it comes in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles. I paired it with the CU 100 Universal Cleaner and the CC 100 Vehicle Shampoo and Wax Cleaner, both available from my local STIHL dealer, and I haven’t seen a better shine in years.

More than just a cleaner

Oh, and since doing the story on the pathways at my place, the sprayer has been used again but in a very different way.

I have been preparing some timber furniture and getting it clean before oiling, and the RE 110 PLUS has made a tedious job easy, by simply turning the jet to the finer spray and applying it across the timber.

The water cleans out the impurities, bringing the timber back to its raw state and ready for oiling with a linseed or teak oil application. It’s so much easier than sanding the furniture down, which was the old way of preparing timber furniture for oiling. You apply the oil after the timber is totally dried so that the oil can sink deep into the heart of the wood, protecting it even better across the summer months.

This machine is of course perfect for aluminium and plastic furniture clean ups too.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you have a trowel or a high-pressure cleaner – if you have a quality tool to do the job it will last and do it year in and year out. Who’d have dreamed you could love a cleaning job so much!

To find out more about the RE 110 PLUS and the STIHL High-Pressure Cleaners range, and to discover more STIHL garden power tool favourites, visit or your nearest STIHL Dealer.