Gardening Tips with Charlie Albone


My favourite season, Autumn is a key time for getting busy in the garden.

To keep your Autumn In Check, I’ve prepared my ‘Autumn Check List’ to help you identify and successfully tackle the garden ‘must do’s’ that will require your attention throughout this transitional season.

Though the temperature is a little cooler, the soil remains warm, and plants are still growing.

This makes Autumn ideal for shaping plants, pruning branches and trees, fertilising your lawns and garden ahead of the dormant Winter period – as well as wood preparation to help keep you warm.

Charlie’s Autumn Checklist
The suggested timings below are to assist you complete the right Autumn gardening task at the right time of the season. The timing of the tasks may vary slightly depending on where you are located, and the weather conditions specific to your region.

Each of these tasks will present with some tell-tale signs of when is best to undertake them though, so feel free to come back to this list at any time to keep you garden ‘In Check’.

March Must Do’s
Shape your plants
Boost light to lawns & garden

April Must Do’s
Fertilise your trees
Prepare your lawns for Winter

May Must Do’s
Clear Autumn leaves
Prepare Winter wood

From plants to pruning, trees, lawns, leaves and wood, use the navigation tabs above to access my simple, step by step ‘How To’ Autumn garden must do tips and videos.

With continual change throughout the Season generating specific activities for March, April and May, make sure to bookmark the blog and make checking-in part of your Autumn gardening routine – and enjoy the rewards of keeping your Autumn In Check.