If you’re looking for a perfect lawn all year round and free up your time for other projects around the garden, or if you simply want to spend more time enjoying your garden rather than maintaining it, then the latest in mowing technology has been designed for you. Meet iMOW, STIHL’s new robotic mowers. They don’t just mow your lawn as the name implies; once programmed, they care for your lawn like an absolute perfectionist by utilising optimum mowing paths, making sure your lawn is evenly and consistently cut all over. Watch as Trevor Cochrane from The Garden Gurus road tests the RMI 422 P.


There are two models in the range, and you’ll be impressed when you learn just how far they can go. The RMI 422 P is great for your average suburban block and is capable of caring for a lawn up to 1,500m2.  For those on a larger block, and we mean large, the next model up which is the RMI 632 P is capable of caring for an area up to 4000m2! An iMOW is a great substitute for a small to medium ride-on mower giving you more time for the rest of your garden.

These new robotic mowers by STIHL are incredibly versatile, and can manoeuvre the trickiest of lawns. So if your garden features trees, statues, play equipment, garden beds, maybe a pool, don’t worry – an iMOW won’t have any issues navigating these objects. The built-in sensors will safely react to moving and static objects, which upon impact, will redirect an iMOW to cut in another direction.

And, if you’re worried about obstacles and slopes in your back yard, don’t be. This RMI 422 P can mow up a slope with a 40% gradient with no problem, while the RMI 632 P can go a little steeper up to 45%.

The installation is also customised to suit your garden, and the best part? You don’t have to do it. The support from your local STIHL iMOW Dealer is second to none. Not only will they come to your house, create a custom plan and take care of the installation for you, they also have a dedicated team member at each approved Dealer who is available to assist you with any aftercare queries you may have in the future.

Once your iMOW is installed and ready to go, you quite literally don’t need to lift a finger. It will even return itself back to the dock to charge when it needs to. And if it’s raining, it will remember how much lawn has already been cut, and how much is left, and reschedule its work for another day.

You’ll also be pleased to know that this incredibly intelligent robotic mower will cut and care for your lawn all at the same time. While mowing, it shreds the grass clippings very finely, which then fall back onto your lawn acting as rich natural fertiliser, also known as mulching. Not only does this provide vital nourishment to your lawn to help it to grow thick and healthy, it also means that collecting and disposing of grass clippings is now a thing of the past!

The best part about STIHL iMOWs is that they are incredibly quiet, so you, and your neighbours, won’t notice when it’s mowing. They’re also protected from theft through the use of a pin, meaning your iMOW robotic mower will be programmed to only be operable with the coding of your docking station.

So, if you pride yourself on having the best lawn on the street, and want to make more time for other projects in the garden, then this is the perfect mowing solution for you. STIHL iMOWs are only available for purchase through approved iMOW Dealers. Not only are they full qualified to create a custom mowing plan to suit your garden, they’ll also take care of the installation for you*. To find your nearest iMOW dealer, visit stihl.com.au/imow.

*Installation quoted separately.