Offering professionals the latest in cutting flexibility, the TSA 440 is ideal for use in limited access cutting operations and hard-to-reach tasks like the undersides of pipes, as well as more general uses such as cutting wall corners.

With world-first QuickStop wheel brake technology and expanded wheel guard adjustability, the advanced design means the cutting wheel can be fully exposed when cutting pipes, metal, cast-iron or stone. We’ve also ensured that the TS 440 wheel brake is capable of stopping the rotation of the cutting wheel in fractions of a second if kickback occurs and the top portion of the wheel is exposed. 

Other features of the TS440 include:

  • High torque for applying higher feed force without the need to slow the engine
  • Low emissions
  • Gas exhaust
  • Anti-vibration system, making it less tiring for the operator.

Our Marketing Director, Jo Katsos is delighted by the latest arrival in the STIHL range.

“The STIHL TS 440 is a prime example of STIHL’s German engineering excellence. This new product will not only provide extra safety for tradespeople on a construction site, but also a solution to getting the job done right with the right tool”.

The TSA 440 is available at your local STIHL dealer.