One tool. Eight optional attachments. The perfect garden multi-tasker is here!

Powered by our two-stroke engine with 2-MIX technology, we’re excited at the release of our MM 56 MultiSystem, a fresh take and update on our MM 55. Featuring more power and fuel capacity, the MM 56 will help you finish yard tasks quickly and efficiently.

Our MM 56 comes standard with a cultivator, ideal for breaking up weeds and hardened soil in flowerbeds or gardens. Beyond cultivating work, the MultiSystem easily transitions into any of its eight optional attachments to become a trimmer, edger, dehatcher, lawn aerator and more.

Key features of the MM 56 MultiSystem include:

  • Increased engine power allowing users to tackle lawn and garden projects effectively.
  • Large 330ml fuel tank providing longer run times to allow users to do more work with fewer stops to refuel.
  • A semi-automatic choke lever enabling a simplified three-step start procedure: to start, users simply purge the fuel pump bulb, place the product in choke and pull the starter handle. Engage the throttle and the semi-automatic choke lever automatically moves from choke to the run position.
  • One-touch stop, allowing users to turn off the engine with the simple press of a button. When the engine is off, the one-touch stop switch automatically returns the tool to the start position, reducing the chance of flooding the engine when starting; users simply engage the throttle to get back to work.
  • Start, stop and throttle features all contained on one comfortable multi-function control handle making it easy to complete tasks.
  • Vertical pleated paper air filter with a large surface area for better filtration and extended service intervals.

Learn more about the MM 56 MultiSystem at your local STIHL Specialist today.