Garden lovers rejoice, spring is just around the corner! Soon you will start to see your lawn, hedges, even your weeds, start to grow like crazy, which means it’s time to make sure your tools are in tip top shape and ready to help you tackle the warmer weather. 

Check out our top tips to ready your tools for spring.

Lawn Mower Maintenance 

The most important place to start is with your lawn mower. While your local STIHL dealer will always recommend undertaking some basic maintenance or even bringing it in for a service before winter, we understand that doesn’t always happen. If it’s been a while in between services, we recommend getting that done. If you have a gold star next to your name when it comes to servicing your garden power tools, then there are a few other areas to dust off before you get mowing. 

First, assess the condition of your blades. Believe it or not, dull mower blades can wreak havoc on your lawn. Ripped or frayed grass blades are the first and most obvious sign of dull mower blades. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see whether you’ve left a nice clean cut through your grass blades, or if they’re fraying at the edges – similar to a split end on a strand of hair. 

Frayed grass blades struggle to absorb and retain moisture. So you might think your lawn is having a big drink every time you experience heavy rain, but you could also be wrong. They also leave your lawn open to pathogens and susceptible to disease. 

If in doubt, take your lawn mower to your local STIHL Dealer who will be able to replace your current blades so they’re nice and sharp for spring.

Tidy Your Trimmer Blades

The same advice applies to your hedge trimmers. It’s always best to clean and maintain them after every use, but we know this doesn’t always happen. STIHL Superclean is great at removing sap and resin from hedge trimmer blades. Give them a spray before running the machine for 30 seconds to ensure they are fully coated. If there is still grime leftover from your last use which was a while ago, give your blades a wipes over with a damp cloth, and repeat the process. Remember to always remove the battery before doing this type of task, and ensure you are wearing gloves. 

Applying STIHL Superclean to your hedge trimmer blades after every use is a great way to stop any build up of plant matter which can eventuate into rust. It will also extend the life of your blades and keep them sharper for longer. 

Prepare for pruning

Spring is a great time for pruning. It’s an excellent way to kickstart some growth as the weather warms and pruning will only encourage this further. You may well have been doing some pruning during winter. Either way, whichever tool you decide to use will likely need a little TLC, too.

For pole pruners, or if you own STIHL’s number one selling tool worldwide, the GTA 26, the best place to start is checking the condition of your chain. A dull chain will affect the performance of these tools significantly and make them work much harder than they need to, so this is the first area you should check. There are a number of different sharpening devices in the STIHL range depending on what it is you’re sharpening, so have a chat to your local STIHL Dealer to find the right one for you.

This is also a good time to rotate your guide bar which is something you should do each time you tend to your chain. Keep the bars on your chainsaws and pole pruners lubricated with STIHL BioPlus, a vegetable-based, high-performance, environmentally-friendly lubricant that degrades completely in the soil in a very short time.

Line up! 

Your grass trimmer will be on high rotation over the next few months, so you’ll want to make sure this particular tool is ready to go. Check your trimming line. It can get brittle over time and you won’t get too far next time you tackle your edges if this is the case. If it snaps easily, unfortunately it’s time to dispose of it. In future, to keep your trimming line in like-new condition, keep it soaking in water.  

If you’re ever in doubt, or if you’re after more tips on how to best care for your STIHL machines, visit your local STIHL Dealer.