Not only will it look great in Mum’s garden, making a flower trunk is incredibly easy and also an interesting way to grow flowers or herbs at home. It will add a little character to any garden, and if your Mum is lacking garden space, it can easily sit atop of pavers or even on a decking or veranda.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Round timber, approx. 30-35cm diameter
  • 2 smaller round pieces for the feet, approx. 30cm long, approx. 20cm diameter
  • 4 screws, approx. 150mm
  • Chainsaw with low kickback chain, such as the STIHL MS 181 C with Picco Micro Mini
  • Hatchet
  • Drill


Position your largest log on the ground, ensuring there are pieces of wood either side to prevent it from rolling. Mark out the interior of the garden bed on the face of the long with some chalk all the way around. Once your markings are in place, saw the face edges approximately 15cm deep at the widest point.



It’s now time to cut into the log at the top to carve out the longer sides. Start by making a shallow superficial cut to mark out the longitudinal cuts, this will help you to guide your chainsaw in a straight line.

Stand over the log with your feet firmly planted on the ground, apply your chainsaw flat and plunge the tip of the bar into the wood to the desired depth, roughly 15cm.


Now to cut the faces! Hold the machine vertically once again and make a plunge cut, sawing through all the way to the previously made longitudinal cut. Repeat this step on the other side.


When you have made the outer walls of the trough, make 3–4 parallel lengthways cuts in the middle, all the same depth. Also saw diagonally 3 to 4 times through the centre area which you are going to hollow out.


The resulting chunks of wood can then easily be chopped out with the hatchet and removed. Before you get planting, and to avoid waterlogging, saw right through the base in several places using the tip to provide adequate drainage. Support the trough on the sawhorse so that the saw does not hit the ground as this will very quickly damage your chain!


Now to make the feet. Make a v-shaped cut in each of the two small pieces of round wood to fit the trough and fasten in place with the screws. Place your trunk on top of the feet, and your done! Fill your new garden bed with some high quality soil from your local nursery or garden centre, and get planting.



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