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I love a manicured lawn. In fact, one of the first jobs I ever did was striping lawns of a large country garden I looked after in the UK. Below are some simple tips on how to keep your lawn healthy, aerated and lush, including a video demonstrating my simple and full-proof mowing method.


Choosing your lawn height

I like to cut more often and leave my grass a little higher than normal. As a general rule, no more than a third of the length should be cut per mow. Always use sharp mower blades and ensure that the ground is dry. This stops any chance of scalping the lawn, which in turn would bring in pests and diseases to the grass. If you have a fine leaf grass such as couch, zoysia, or hybrid bermuda you can keep it lower than a broad leaf grass such as buffalo. But if you are changing the height of the grass, do it over a period of months – not in one cut!
Conveniently accessible for easy adjusting, STIHL battery mowers provide gardeners with an option of eight different cutting heights.

A foolproof mowing method

Mowing in irregular patterns – always a straight line but never in the same back and forth as the time before – reduces compaction of the soil as created from walking behind the mower in the same direction every time you mow.
Changing up the direction each time reduces the opportunity for dry, shady or hot spots to appear within the lawn. It also helps the grass blades grow straighter for a great looking lawn.
When walking behind your mower, try to look 2 or 3 metres in front of you rather than at the mower. This will keep you moving in a straight line and prevent tufts of grass from being left on the lawn. You’ll also be much more able to notice and avoid hazards.

‘How to mow the perfect lawn’

Learn Charlie’s simple and foolproof mowing method to making your Spring lawn lush and healthy, as he demonstrates how easy it is to turn your dreams of lawn perfection into reality with the STIHL RMA 235.

Charlies lawn mowing tips

  1. Start by edging along your paths, driveways or hard surfaces.
  2. Set your lawn mower to the desired height. Remember, try not to go too short straight away. A rule of thumb is never to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf height.
  3. Do two laps of the perimeter; this will make turning easier. Then mow the rest of the lawn in straight lines.
  4. For a straighter mow, focus about 2-3 metres ahead of the mower rather than directly at the wheels.
  5. Each time you begin a new mowing session, make sure you mow in a different direction from your previous session.
  6. Check the blades for wear and tear. If they look a little dull, visit your local STIHL dealer to get them sharpened and ready for Spring.
  7. Give your mower a good clean after each mow.


Charlie’s top picks for battery lawn mowers

  • The STIHL RMA 235 is a compact powerhouse with a deck width of 33cm. Lightweight and extremely easy to manoeuvre, it’s capable of covering up to 300m2 on a single charge with the AK 30 battery. This makes it perfect for small to medium sized suburban blocks.
  • If you’ve traditionally opted for a petrol mower but want to make the switch to the benefits of battery power, then take a look at the self-propelled STIHL RMA 460 V. With a large 46cm cutting width and variable speed drive, you will quickly mow up to a tennis court on a single charge. Plus, with two batteries and a fast charger, you could technically mow non-stop all day!

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