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Pressure Cleaning & Restoring your Garden
After the heavy Spring rains and floods, many gardens require urgent rescue from the dirt and debris left behind. Previously an overwhelming task, tackling your garden makeover is easy, and rewarding, with the assistance of an electric high-pressure cleaner.

Whether breaking up stubborn dirt or cleaning larger areas, from pathways, driveways and pavings to the patio, outdoor furniture, deck areas and even the car, transforming grime into shine is a blast, especially when quality cleaning agents such as the STIHL Universal Cleaner CU 100 and STIHL Vehicle Cleaner CC 100 are recruited to the team.

Enjoy your Summer Garden
Rounding out my summer garden prep, at the end of each session I give my pathways and paved areas a once over with the blower to make sure all is looking perfect for that afternoon of outdoor entertaining. A tidy garden is one that looks well cared for, which is why a quick charging and long-lasting battery blower such as the BGA 57 is perfect to keep in the shed. Use it to get rid of organic litter and debris by blowing them onto your lawn. You can then mulch the leaves and debris with a quick lap of the mower, just make sure it has a mulching feature like the STIHL RMA 460 V.

‘Cleaning up with the RE 125 X’

Be amazed as Charlie takes the versatile STIHL RE 125 X, new to Australia, through its paces, turning grime into shine across a variety of garden surfaces.

Charlie’s Tips for Tidying Up Outdoors

  • Before mulching any blown leaves with the mower, make sure you’ve handpicked away any rocks or larger pieces of materials to avoid damaging your mower blades.
  • If you want to eliminate a step all together, a STIHL vacuum shredder will collect and mulch your leaves in no time.
  • With a high-pressure cleaner, remove mud, dirt, cobwebs and stains from your hard surfaces. Focus on high traffic areas and near your pots plants, as well as areas under trees that cause a lot of mess.
  • Add STIHL Universal Cleaner CU 100 into the mix when using your high-pressure cleaner. I not only enjoy it for its effectiveness, but also for the fact that it is plant-friendly, and 100% bio-degradable.
  • Keep an eye out for oil stains, eucalyptus leaves will often leave marks on driveways and decks, especially on lighter coloured pavers and cement. Regular cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner will prevent these stains becoming permanent, so make sure you do this every few months.
  • Bluestone, sandstone, painted and rendered brick walls may attract dirt, algae and moss. Give them a clean and watch them transform your space.

Charlie’s Top Tools for Tidying Up

  • For small gardens and courtyards, the BGA 45 is a great value-packed blower, clearing up to 200m² or just under a tennis court-sized area of leaves on a single charge.
  • If you’re after something a little more robust to cover a larger area, the BGA 57 clears up to three tennis courts worth of leaves in a single charge! It’s the latest model in the STIHL’s AK battery system which now displays eleven tools, all powered by one battery system.
  • The RE 130 PLUS electric high-pressure cleaner is STIHL’s top-of-the-range model for performance, safety and usability. It’s my go-to for tough cleaning jobs.
  • For smaller gardens, the entry-level RE 95 PLUS is a value-packed high-pressure cleaner with a compact, lightweight design and plenty of power to get the job done.

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