Make Christmas your own adventure!

Turn your backyard into a holiday wonderland and create your own DIY timber decorations with STIHL. Explore our DIY tutorials including wooden candles, stars, advent wreaths and a wooden reindeer – the ultimate festive feature for your front yard. Discover our easy-to-follow instructions below.

How to make an advent wreath

Countdown the days to Christmas the old fashioned way by creating your very own twig advent wreath. It makes a beautiful, fresh alternative to the classic pine advent wreath – and a satisfying DIY project.

How to make wooden star ornaments

Homemade keepsakes and decorations are a special way of spreading joy. So when you take the time to handcraft an ornament for your home, you’re bringing the Christmas cheer to share with everyone. Find out how to make a wooden star ornament that’s built to last and sure to delight.

How to make a wooden candlestick

Got 20 minutes spare and a chainsaw? Whip up some festive outdoor magic with these DIY wooden Christmas candlestick decorations. Don’t worry – no candles will be hurt in the making of these decorations.

How To Make a Wooden Reindeer

Rudolph might have a red nose, but you’re about to make a masterpiece. Pop your Santa hat on and get to work on your own wooden reindeer. Great for front yard displays or scaring the neighbours (don’t say we didn’t warn you!).