The weekend is here! And, if you’re based in the southern states, you’re being treated to an extra day to enjoy in the garden. So, if you‘re keen to get your greenthumbs dirty, we have a few projects to keep you busy and inspired outdoors.


Attracting bugs into your garden might not sound like something that you want to do, but it may surprise you to learn that insects are an integral part of any successful garden.

Some insects help control and reduce the population of detrimental insects, otherwise known as pests, and are also responsible for the pollination of ornamental flowers and food crops. Providing a safe haven for these insects to hibernate and breed within your garden year round will encourage healthy pollination and keep nasty parasites away.

This project is a great excuse to get outside, and the perfect opportunity to teach the kids about the garden. Click here to view the full project guide. 

Build your own garden shed

Caring for the tools that maintain your garden is just as important as caring for your garden! Building your own garden shed will not only keep your tools safe, sound and in good condition, it will also give you somewhere to store all of your gardening equipment, and allow you to create one that suits your backyard, and your style! This is a great project to tackle over a long weekend.

Click here to view the full project guide. 


If you’ve always wanted to do it, but hesitant to take the plunge, the start of winter is the perfect opportunity to get started!  There are plenty of different veggies to choose from through the cooler months, so get your hands dirty this weekend and make a start.

Click here to view the full project guide. 


There’s nothing more rewarding that doing something productive over the weekend, and ticking of those things on your list that you’ve been putting off doing. And with a high-pressure cleaner, the opportunities are endless. Follow our quick guide to give your outdoor furniture a tidy up so you’re ready for the next outdoor celebration. Click here for the full project guide. 

For everything you need to enjoy your outdoors this weekend, visit your local STIHL Dealer.